If you need a Busan arteriosclerosis test

If you need a Busan arteriosclerosis test

Cholesterol and oil accumulate inside human blood vessels.This causes the vascular tissue to harden and narrow the inner walls of the blood vessels.If the symptoms worsen, the inner wall of the blood vessel may be scratched and bleeding.Scabs may form as the bleeding area recovers, but this is called a blood clot.If the blood clot in the inner wall of the blood vessel is peeled off, angina or stroke can occur by blocking coronary arteries and cerebrovascular vessels that move to the heart.

The cause of Busan artery curing is different.Generally, smoking, drinking, blood pressure, diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, blood pressure, and aging.The artery curing is a good disease that is a good disease that is often affected by the habit of living habits.This is slow, so that it is slow to be delayed until half of the blood vessels are not occurring.So, it called a scary disease.

And the symptoms vary depending on which part of the blood vessel is blocked, so it is important to pay attention steadily.If the cerebrovascular area is clogged, vision may be abnormal, and speech impairment, sensory abnormalities, headaches, dizziness, etc. may occur.When blood vessels related to the heart are blocked, the chest feels tight, and when blood vessel contractions become severe, even if you sit still, you may feel short of breath and sting your chest.

The symptoms of Busan arterial curing symptoms are difficult to understand the early.Therefore, if you have diabetes, it is important to ensure that smoking or drinking, it is important to prevent smoking and drinking.So I would like to teach you about the prevention method of prevent arterial curing the artery curing.Basically, smoking should be prohibited and smoking should refrain from smoking and smoking.And you can configure the menu in the blue vegetables and protein.

And we need to keep a steady exercise, but it is good oxygen exercise.The muscles such as health is to increase blood pressure, so that you should not be able to force.I recommend walking in oxygen movement.It’s a movement of two hours, and it is a exercise that you recommend that you can adjust cholesterol.If you think that you need periodic Busan arterial curing inspection, you can use it in our hospital.We have an artery curing inspection device, so you can receive systematic inspection, so I can be able to visit the hospitality.

It is recommended to take the Busan arteriosclerosis test once every two years.If you have a family history of heart disease, please take it.Our hospital provides customized care methods according to the symptoms of arteriosclerosis, so please feel free to come.Depending on the individual, side effects and complications may occur, so please start the treatment after thorough discussion with the medical staff.Thank you.

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Mirae-ro Hospital 15 Geumgok-daero, Buk-gu, Busan

Mirae-ro Hospital 15 Geumgok-daero, Buk-gu, Busan

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