El Salvador Launches Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Plan Using Volcanic Heat (Geothermal Power Generation) and Successfully Opens Excavation Work

President Naib Bukele said, “95MW of electricity can be produced with geothermal energy from volcanoes, and bitcoin mining can be done with 100% clean energy.”

Elseba dollar coin mining plan to environment with volcanic heat generation energy.Anniversary of the presidential (Nayib Jukebukuro, and the first generation of the first generation of the first generation of the first generation of the electricity power generation.According to the president, the Edo period of heat energy from the affected area*, which is not necessary to reduce the amount of energy.* Specific locations are still closed, but the president is also explained that the iron-free node (Full Node) with a bit coin full node (Full Node) and the mining hub is built.The presidential election was directly after midnight on Tuesday, the presidential election bill was directly moved directly to the economic growth of the E-bit coin mining plan.[I’ve just instructed the president of @LaGeoSV (our state-owned geothermal electric company),]

[He just dug a new well] The engineers contacted me

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